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    all the trucks with cargo capacity from 500 kg to 1500 kg in one app

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    fast delivery ~ 15 minutes

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    calculate in advance – pay per minute

No more 2 hours + vehicle delivery

The cost of the vehicle - from 380 UAH for the first 5 km or 30 minutes. Next, from 4 UAH - 1 minute + from 12 UAH/km

from 380 
Payload500 kg
Length1.6 m
Width1 m
Height1 m
Volume1.6 m3
1 km city12 UAH
1 min city4 UAH
1 km intercity20 UAH


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In long-distance transportation you pay only for one-way transportation

Answers to questions

I need to move furniture urgently. Is it possible?

Yes, use the fast delivery option from 15 minutes for urgent deliveries. To order, measure the dimensions of the furniture and choose the appropriate type of vehicle. If in doubt about the choice, contact the support service, they will definitely help you to resolve the issue! The support service works 9:00-20:00 from Monday to Sunday.

How is the cost calculation for the delivery of cargo to another city or region carried out?

In the service, you can order not only cargo transportation in Kyiv, but also intercity transportation. For transportation over 100 km, the cost is calculated using the formula: (distance in km) x (price per km for the selected type of vehicle). Pay the cost only one way, not two, as is often calculated when ordering a cargo taxi in Ukraine. Price per km for intercity transportation is from 20 UAH.

How to place an order for cargo transportation online and in advance?

Go to the website app.cargoo.ua, register and fill out the transportation order form. Next, indicate the date and time of delivery of the cargo vehicle. When the driver accepts the order, you will see their name, phone number and car details.

How can I calculate in advance the cost of cargo transportation in my city?

Before confirming each order, we inform the client about the preliminary calculation. To find out the price of a cargo taxi, go to the button order transportation, enter the data and click calculate the cost. Ready!

What kind of vehicle for cargo transportation can I order from CarGoo?

Our service has vehicles with a carrying capacity of 500 to 1500 kg. Choose the type you need: all-metal van, box van, tilt or board, depending on your consumption. If in doubt, the support team is happy to help you with the choice of a vehicle.