Privacy policy

Dear Users, CarGoo Company collects information about the Users, who use mobile applications, websites and other online products and Services of our Company, as well as during any other interactions and communications with the Company.

This Privacy Policy applies to all information, which is collected and used by the Company.

This Privacy Policy includes all the services that Company provides to Users as "online" (web services, mobile communication services, including any websites that are operated by the Company, such as http://cargoo.ua, CarGoo mobile applications that are available and/or used by both personal computers and mobile devices), so "offline" (collecting data via mailing list, by phone or in person and others).

This Privacy Policy also applies to the use of interactive features or downloads that:

a) belong to us or are under our control;

b) are available via the Services;

c) interact with the Services and include the original Privacy Policy.

The Company collects information, which Users directly provide to us, for example, when they create or change their account, order Services, contact us for help or otherwise communicate with us. This information may include the following data: name, last name, patronymic, city, e-mail address, phone number, mailing address, profile photo, vehicle photo, photo of vehicle registration documents, photo of driver's license, payment method, ordered transportation items, user location addresses, addresses of user points of destination, itineraries of user travels, transportation licenses, insurances, invoices and other information, which Users can provide us in order to provide quality Services in full.

By using our services OR by providing YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION IN ANY OTHER WAY, YOU AGREE WITH THE TERMS OF THIS PRIVACY POLICY AGREEMENT. Please read carefully all the information, which is included in this agreement. In case if you do not agree with any clause of this Privacy Policy, do not use the Company's services and do not provide us with any information about you as a User. This agreement is also a supplement and an integral part of all Terms and Conditions of Use of our Company. This Privacy Policy is part of our Terms.

In case if the User has any questions regarding this Privacy Policy Agreement, please contact us via following e-mail address: [email protected].

Information, which is collected by the Company, when users use our Services

Note: Most mobile platforms (iOS, Android, etc.) have certain types of device data that applications cannot access without the User's consent. These platforms use different permission systems for obtaining your consent. The iOS platform will alert you when the CarGoo app first requests permission for accessing certain data. It will allow you to agree (or disagree) to this request. Android devices notify the User of the permissions requested by the CarGoo application before the first use of the application. In case if you use the application, this will mean your consent. Sometimes these permissions require more detailed explanation than those provided on the platforms, and the requested permissions may change over time. Therefore, users shall monitor changes concerning the permissions of certain platforms.

Device information: Our Company may collect information about users' mobile devices, including but not limited to the following: device model, operating system and version, name of software and files and their version, preferred language, unique device ID, IDFAs, serial number, information that you moved the device and mobile network information.
Contact info: By receiving the access to the address book of users on your device via the access permission system used by the mobile platform, the Company can access and store names and contact info from the User's address book in order to make calls between Users and facilitate social interaction through the Company's Services, as well as for any other purposes that are described in this Policy or at the time of consent for the use or collection of data. It can also collect and request permission to collect and synchronize contact info from your device using our application via the permission system, which is used by the mobile operating system. In case if Users first allow the collection of this data, iOS users will later be able to disable this feature by changing the appearance of the contacts on their mobile device. Such type of settings is not foreseen in the Android platform.

Information about calls and SMS messages: Services of the Company are carried out by means of messages and calls that increase speed of Services and facilitate communication of Customers-users with Users-providers of transport services. In order to provide the Services, the Company collects data on calls, including the date and time of the call or SMS-message, phone numbers of users and the content of SMS-messages. Users may refuse to receive advertisement messages from the Company by following the instructions provided in those messages. In case of refusal of receiving such messages, the Company will still be able to send Users non-advertising messages, for example, about the User's account, the services ordered or about the current business relationship.

Log data: When users interact with the Services, the Company collects server log data, which may include information about the IP address of the device, login date and time, application or browsing features, application failures or other system actions, browser type, as well as third-party websites or services that were used by Users before using the Services of our Company.

Location information: The process of providing transportation or delivery services is carried out with the help of determining the location of users. That’s why our Company collects data on the exact location of users. In case if Users allow CarGoo application to access location and location services via the access permission system, which is used by users' mobile operating system or via GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile networks, and to determine your approximate location by your IP address. The Company can also collect accurate location data of users' devices when the application is running in active and/or background mode. The Company collects and/or may request permission for the CarGoo Application to obtain data on the exact location of the User from his device via the permission system, which is used by the User's mobile operating system. In case if the User first allows the collection of this data, but later disables this feature by changing the location on his mobile device, it will limit the ability to use certain features of the Company's Services. In addition, disabling the acquisition of information about the exact location of the device of User-customer by the Application will not prevent us from collecting route data from the User's device of the transport service provider and/or determining the approximate location of the User by IP address.

Information on the use of the Services and preferences: our Company may collect information on how Users and website visitors interact with the Services, on the functions of preferences and settings. In some cases, the Company may do this with the help of cookies, pixel tags, and similar technologies that create and maintain unique IDs. You can learn more about these technologies in the international regulations on using cookies.

Information about transactions and operations: The Company collects information about transactions that are related to the use of the Services, including the type of vehicle, what type of service they provide, the date and time of service, its value, route, distance, transactions and other operational data of Services. Also, in case if someone uses the User's data legally or illegally, the Company may link this data to the User.

Calls and voice messages: The Company may collect and store call records and voice messages in order to analyze improvements in the quality of the Services provided, as well as to resolve disputes over the provision of Services, frauds or any other illegal actions.

Analytics and advertising: The Company may collect and allow others to provide user assessment and data analysis services, display of advertising on the Internet on behalf of the Company, tracking and reporting on the effectiveness of this advertisement. These organizations may use cookies, web beacons, software development packages, and other technologies for identifying your device when you visit the website and use the Company's Services, as well as when visiting other websites and services of the Company.

Account information: Users can correct the data in their personal account at any time by logging in to their account on the Internet or in the mobile application. If the User wants to delete his account, he shall send a message with such a request via the following e-mail address: [email protected]. Please note that in some cases the Company may store certain information about Users according to the law or for legal business purposes in cases that are permitted by law. For example, in case if on your account there is a credit balance or debt, or if the Company believes that the User or Users have committed fraud or violated the Company's Terms.

Access permissions: The Company collects individual requests for access, correction and/or deletion of personal data of users that are stored by Users according to applicable legislation and this agreement.

The Company may collect, store, process the information, which is included in this agreement, both at home and in other countries, data protection laws of which may be less stringent than the laws of the country in which you live and/or use the Services. In this case, the Company will take all reasonable measures for protecting the personal data of users according to this Policy.

Information exchange

The Company and the Users of the Company's Services may exchange information, which is collected by the Company about the Users as specified in this Policy or as specified in the collection and/or exchange of data, including but not limited to, with the following persons:

a) with Users of transport service providers, so that they can provide the Services that are ordered by Users-customers. For example, full name, photo of the User, photo of the vehicle, as well as the delivery address and/or point of destination of the User, etc.;

b) with proxies in order to provide Users with a service ordered via partners or an advertising offer from third parties or from the Company;

c) with the general audience, in case if Users agree to do it in an open forum, for example, in blog comments, social media posts or other structural features of our Services that are viewed by the general audience;

d) with proxies, with whom Users allow the Company to share information, for example, with other applications or websites that are integrated with our API or Services, and with applications or websites with APIs or Services that we are integrated with;

e) with any proxies, who correspond and are involved by the Company and/or transport service providers;

f) with branch offices, subsidiaries and affiliates of the Companies that provide services or process data on behalf of the Company or for the purpose of data centralization and/or organizational purposes;

g) with suppliers, consultants, marketing partners and other service providers, who need access to such information for performing works on behalf of the Company;

h) in response to an official, informational request from the competent authorities, in case if the Company is assured that the disclosure of such information complies with or is required by any applicable legislation, regulation or legal suit;

j) with law enforcement officers, public authorities and other proxies, in case if the Company is assured that the actions of the User do not comply with the intended user agreement of the Company, Terms of Service or policies, and to protect the rights, property, or security of the Services, the Company, and others;

k) due to the fact of or in the course of merging, acquisition of company assets, consolidation and/or restructuring, financing or acquisition of all or any part of the Company's business by another company;

l) in case if the Company for other reasons notifies the User in any way convenient for him, and the User agrees to the exchange of information;

m) in a generalized and/or anonymous form, which objectively does not allow to identify the user.

Functions of exchange of information with social networks and other relevant tools that allow Users to share their actions in the Company's services in other applications, on other websites, networks and vice versa are integrated with Company Services. Use of these functions allows Users to share information with friends and/or other his audiences, depending on the settings of the service of exchange information with social networks. Social network privacy policies have a different privacy policy, therefore Users are required to learn more about how they process and/or share data, which is provided by Users.

Company Services may contain third party content. Such third parties may collect information about the use of the Website and the User's Device ID while providing web pages from the Internet or the Services menu to the User's browser. In addition, while using the Services, Users may receive links to other websites or applications controlled by third parties that are not controlled by the Company. The company shall not be liable for the privacy policies of third parties. These and other websites may send their own cookies, collect data or request Personal Information about the User and may not have a published Privacy Policy. The Company urgently encourages Users to monitor when Users leave the Company's Services menu, and to read the privacy policies of all third-party websites or applications before sending Personal Information to such third parties.

Safety rules

Users are responsible for the accuracy of the information, which they provide to the Company during account registration. In case if the User's personal information has to be changes and/or has changed, the User shall correct, delete inaccurate data and/or change the information by making changes to the User's registration data.

Age restrictions

Our Company cares about the safety of all users of the Company's Services, including children. The Company does not provide Services to minors. Users, who are under the age of 18 years, are not allowed to register on our Website and/or in the Application and use the Company's Services. Therefore, the Company does not collect information about persons, who are under the age of 18 years. In case if the Company discovers that it has collected personal information from a user, who is under the age of 18 years, the Company has the right to block the account of such person and delete this information. In case if you are the parent or guardian of a minor and believe that he or she has disclosed personal information to our Company, please contact us by sending an e-mail to the following address: [email protected].

Changes of the Policy

The Company may introduce changes to this Privacy Policy from time to time. In case of making any changes to the handling of personal data of users and/or in this policy, the Company may, but is not obliged to notify users via the Services, by e-mail or SMS-messages. Any continuation of the use of the Company's Services after such a change, the notice means the consent of users to the changes and compliance with such Policy. The Company urgently encourages Users to periodically review this Policy for the latest changes and new information about our privacy principles. In case if you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us via the following e-mail: [email protected].