Earn with CarGoo from the first day of cooperation

Ideal for freight forwarders, transport companies and taxi services

Write to us and we will tell you how to become a Partner and earn money now


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    Free connection

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    Activation in 60 minutes

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    Convenient payment methods

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    Earnings from the first day of cooperation


Partnership with CarGoo

Minimum effort - guaranteed income

Answers to questions

What will the partnership with CarGoo give me?

A revolutionary platform for earnings that will allow you to:

  • easily place an order
  • find any carrier in seconds
  • get a satisfied client and additional earnings (cashback)

The service works:

  • with any order
  • anywhere in Ukraine
  • with any terms of cooperation and payment

Try it and see how convenient it is!

How much will I earn by completing orders through CarGoo?

  • up to 5% of the order value
  • number of orders - unlimited

Who can partner with CarGoo?

  • Freight forwarders
  • Transport companies
  • Carriers
  • Taxi services
  • Everyone who can place orders and get rewarded for it

How does CarGoo work?

  • You, as our partner, place an order on the service
  • In a matter of seconds - the service finds you a carrier
  • The carrier executes the order, and you receive a notification about its status
  • When the order is completed, the carrier receives payment, and you - cashback.